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I would really love to have more active 1×1 going. I happen to have a couple of spare 1×1 accounts that just aren’t being used. Aside from that I’m open to anything. I do m/f and m/m so there nothing to worry about shipwise. So feel free to like this or to send me a message.



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So, thanks to some people I decided to stay. Anyways I really would love to get more 1×1 going. I am up for any ship/plots/faceclaims.  If you would be possible interested then please like this or message me. Also I would love to do any of these or these plots.


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PLOT 2: Listen To Your Heart

✘ Based On: Flawless by Beyoncé/Listen To Your Heart by D.H.T.
✘ Genre:Romance, Angst, Drama, 
✘ Setting: Present Day, New York
✘ Ship: M/M
✘ Availability: TAKEN
✘ Faceclaims:

Character A: Cody Christian

Character B: Nathaniel Buzolic

✘ Note: I play character A and my lovely amazing partner orchidwrites plays character B.

✘ Warning: None besides killer feels.


After an failed attempt of becoming an singer and actor. Colton decided that he should face the harsh truth and accept reality for what it really is. Soon he begins to search and apply for jobs. He happens to get hired to work along side Soren much to Soren’s dismay. Their relationship is rocky seeing as he wants nothing to do with Colton besides work. Things seem to be going well for him but Colton eventually gets news that he has gotten a part in a movie. Wanting to follow his dream and seeing as he not wanted around. Colton takes the job but has to move to LA. Soren soon has to quickly reevaluate everything he thought and believed in before Colton leaves forever.


✘ [Colton

Colton is the sweetest, friendliest, and caring guy, you’ll ever meet. His family has always been supportive of him. Encouraging him to follow his dreams and never give up. His dream has always been to be a singer and actor. Though he knows that the odds of that happening is one hundred to one. Which is why he went also majored in business which in the long run came in handy. He happens to find the world of business interesting and entertaining. Now he hopes that he can develop a love for it. Plus hopefully keeping up with everyone else. Colton has never been in relationship before but he knows when he has fallen for someone.


Soren is a strong, independent, successful and stubborn person. [more to come]

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PLOT 1: Hold On, We're Going Home

Based On: Hold On, We’re Going Home (feat. Majid Jordan) by Drake
✘ Genre:Romance, Angst, Drama, 
✘ Setting: Present Day or 1985
✘ Ship: M/M or M/F
✘ Availability: Open
✘ Possible Faceclaims:

Character A: Cody Christian, Colin Ford, Logan Henderson, Logan Lerman, Blake Jenner, James Maslow, Ariana Grande, Troian Bellisario, Shay Mitchell, Lea Michele, Lucy Hale, ect.

Character B: Ian Harding, Robbie Amell, Kellan Lutz, Brant Daughtry, Derek Theler, Nick Jonas, Steven R. McQueen, Carlos Pena Jr., Kendall Schmidt, Spencer Boldman, Zac Efron, Ashely Benson, Vanessa Hudgens, Naya Rivera, etc.

 Note: I would prefer to play character A but wouldn’t be oppose to play either one. I put female for both characters considering they can be bother, Also please take notice I don’t play any females. If you really want me to I can make an attempt but no promises i’ll be good. Message me if were possible interested in doing it.

 Warning: It does involve some violence, kidnapping and feels. So if you aren’t comfortable with any of those then I suggest that you come with me with a different plot idea or look at another plot. If there are any question or concern then feel free to message me. 


Three years have passed since [A] and [B] have met and dated. Everything has been going well and perfect for the two of them. [B] is out celebrating with his gang over his most recent accomplish. [A] is getting ready to go to bed and waiting until [A] gets home. Neither of them knowing of the current plot taking place of a rival gang on having [A] kidnapped that same night. [A] soon finds themself being taken away and tied up. Soon [B] is getting the call from the rival kingpin about [A]. [B] frustrated, furious and upset about [A] being kidnapped. [B] gathers a team and plans a rescue to save [A] before anything happens to them. Soon they realize that one of [B]’s so called ‘friend’ has been giving and passing information to the rival kingpin. Now with the rest of his team, [B] plans to stop at nothing until [A] is back in their arms safe and protected.    


✘ [A] 

[A] is a high school student trying to graduate and make a living. His family often verbally abusing him and criticizing everything he does. [A] having a unhappy and lonely childhood has caused [A] to struggle and lacks confidents. That however doesn’t stop [A] from being caring, sweet and understanding. Others would often describe him as innocent and naïve.  [A] Being bullied up until high school where he was protected by the local gangster [B].  Who helped [A] become more confident, strong and popular.  Everyone warning [A] to stay away from [B] but soon [A] found themself falling for [B]. They have been dating for three years now even with [B] graduating high school. [A] currently lives with [B] after being kicked out by his parents.


A highly successful kingpin who seems to have everything they could possible want. [B] Is often known to be ruthless and cold especially by his enemies. [B] Is determined, reserved, and driven to get his way. If you happen to get in his way then he will find a way to remove you out of it. [B] Has graduated high school on the top of his class and is currently a junior in college. His enemies often have a hard time trying to take him out or finding any weakness. Unfortunately for him, he does have a weakness and that’s [A]. [B] met [A] while [B] was still a senior in high school. It was love at first sight for [B] even if [B] knew that they didn’t have a chance due to their lifestyle. Though [B] went out of their way to make sure they proved to [A] they really wanted to be with them. [B] would do anything and everything to make sure that nothing happens to [A]. Even as going as far as making sure that [A] doesn’t get involved with any of his personal matters or business. 

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I came up with a plot I really want to do: Muse A and Muse B have always been best friend. B has always had a dream of being famous (actor, singer, etc..). A doesn’t really have a plan and doesn’t know what they want to do. So after high school both A and B go to the same college but in college B dream comes true. B leaves A behind and forget all about them. After a couple years, B has spiral out of control with all the fame. B gets forced to spend time back home.  Once back home, B doesn’t recognize home or A. Though A recognize B but pretends not to either. That is until B happens to find out A’s secret. (Can be discussed)