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I would really love to have more active 1×1 going. I happen to have a couple of spare 1×1 accounts that just aren’t being used. Aside from that I’m open to anything. I do m/f and m/m so there nothing to worry about shipwise. So feel free to like this or to send me a message.



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So, thanks to some people I decided to stay. Anyways I really would love to get more 1×1 going. I am up for any ship/plots/faceclaims.  If you would be possible interested then please like this or message me. Also I would love to do any of these or these plots.


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PLOT 2: Listen To Your Heart

✘ Based On: Flawless by Beyoncé/Listen To Your Heart by D.H.T.
✘ Genre:Romance, Angst, Drama, 
✘ Setting: Present Day, New York
✘ Ship: M/M
✘ Availability: TAKEN
✘ Faceclaims:

Character A: Cody Christian

Character B: Nathaniel Buzolic

✘ Note: I play character A and my lovely amazing partner orchidwrites plays character B.

✘ Warning: None besides killer feels.


After an failed attempt of becoming an singer and actor. Colton decided that he should face the harsh truth and accept reality for what it really is. Soon he begins to search and apply for jobs. He happens to get hired to work along side Soren much to Soren’s dismay. Their relationship is rocky seeing as he wants nothing to do with Colton besides work. Things seem to be going well for him but Colton eventually gets news that he has gotten a part in a movie. Wanting to follow his dream and seeing as he not wanted around. Colton takes the job but has to move to LA. Soren soon has to quickly reevaluate everything he thought and believed in before Colton leaves forever.


✘ [Colton

Colton is the sweetest, friendliest, and caring guy, you’ll ever meet. His family has always been supportive of him. Encouraging him to follow his dreams and never give up. His dream has always been to be a singer and actor. Though he knows that the odds of that happening is one hundred to one. Which is why he went also majored in business which in the long run came in handy. He happens to find the world of business interesting and entertaining. Now he hopes that he can develop a love for it. Plus hopefully keeping up with everyone else. Colton has never been in relationship before but he knows when he has fallen for someone.


Soren is a strong, independent, successful and stubborn person. [more to come]